the Belt and Road Initiative in the Arctic

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On Thursday December 7th, Fudan Development Institute organized the 26th Academic Activity at the FDDI Global Think Tank Center, and the first one of its Arctic seminar series, in cooperation with Artur Gushchin, FDDI visiting scholar and researcher on Arctic issues at Akvaplan-Niva (Norway). Scholars from Russia and Iceland shared their research on the application of the Belt and Road Initiative in the Arctic region.

The speakers at the seminar, including Artur Gushchin, Egill Thor Nielsen (visiting researcher at Polar Research Institute of China), Ding Tao (Young Research Associate Professor at Fudan University), would speak respectively on their researches related to “Russian Arctic Shipping and Ice Silk Road”, “Icelandic Expectations on One Belt One Road: investments and shipping patterns”, and “Integrated Remote Sensing and Forecasting System for Arctic Operations”.

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