Call for Papers | FLAUC Annual Meeting 2024

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Fudan-Latin America University Consortium

6th Annual Meeting 2024

December 5-6


Innovation, policy, and sustainable development as the driving force for national development

In the ongoing technological revolution, the global economy is rapidly digitalizing, value chains are being reconfigured, and global tensions and environmental challenges are intensifying. In such a context, countries must address strategies that respond to their own needs and global challenges, balancing development with sustainability, innovation with regulation, and sovereignty with international cooperation. Thus, the intersection between innovation, regulation and sustainable development has become a central axis to face contemporary challenges.

The growing relations between Latin America and China present opportunities and challenges to move in this direction. Latin America has large endowments of natural resources necessary for sustainable development but needs to increase local capacities for technological development. Along with the challenges of the productive structure, one of the obstacles in this direction is the lack of planning that considers the region's own capacities and needs in a cooperation agenda with other actors. On the other hand, in recent decades China has achieved rapid economic and social development, while at the same time competing for global leadership in the research and development of key technologies for digital transformation and energy transition and establishing a solid international cooperation strategy. In this way, Latin America and China, with their different trajectories and levels of development, are in a strategic position to share knowledge and cooperation models that promote innovation, sustainable development and economic growth.


To discuss these issues, this year, the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Fudan University (China) are organizing the 6th Annual Meeting of the Fudan-Latin America University Consortium (FLAUC), under the title Innovation, policy, and sustainable development as the driving force for national development.

The Conference will have six thematic areas:

  • Innovation systems and models of sustainable development.

  • AI, Digital Transformation and development.

  • Energy transition

  • Governance and Geopolitics

  • Investment & Trade.

  • Society and Culture.

Call for papers

The organisers of the FLAUC 2024 Annual Meeting invite researchers to submit their paper proposals to the email address by 31 July 2024. Proposals should be written in English and include title, author(s), institution, an abstract of no more than 300 words, and 3-5 keywords. Authors should also indicate the thematic field to which their paper belongs.

Authors with accepted abstracts are invited to submit final versions of their papers, which will be considered for publication in the proceedings of the 2024 annual meeting. Final papers should be submitted by October 31 and should be between 3,500 and 5,000 words.


The language of the conference will be English.

The meeting will be held at the School of Economic of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Latin America-China Observatory (OLAC), University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Secretary of International Affairs, University of Buenos Aires.