Qingfeng Yang

Author: Release date:2020-09-26 00:42:17Source:发展研究院英文

Qingfeng Yang, Professor

Prof. Qingfeng Yang has accepted a research professorship at FDDI since 2020. He was a director of Department of Philosophy at Shanghai University (China),.He is a member of 4S/EASST, committee member of professional ethics and Academic ethics of CCF in China and the secretary-general of Shanghai Nature of Dialectics Association in China. His current research focuses on the philosophy of technology, philosophy of memory, data ethics and AI ethics. His publications include Flying Albatross: Don Ihde’s Phenomenology of Technology (China Social Sciences Press, 2015) ,Spatial Closeness experience under the modern technology(China Social Sciences Press, 2011) and Introduction to Phenomenology of Technology (Shanghai San-lian Press, 2005) .He also is visiting Scholar of Dartmouth College, USA (2013-2014) and Swinburne University of Technology(2017).

Areas of Interest: philosophy of technology,phenomenology, memory studies