Paulus Rudolf Yuniarto

Paulus Rudolf Yuniarto, Ph.D., has been working at the Research Centre for Area Studies of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences, now known as the Indonesia National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), since 2004 to the present. His current position is Senior Researcher and Coordinator of the Asia and Pacific Research Cluster and Studies. He completed his doctoral degree at the Department of Anthropology, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan, in 2016. He has extensive experience in conducting research on Indonesian migration in East Asia, including the situation of Indonesian migrant workers in Korea, Indonesian migrants in Japan, the Indonesian migrant community in Taiwan, as well as within migrant areas in Indonesia such as Lombok Islands, East Java, Minahasa, Yogyakarta, and more. He also has a strong interest in China studies and has published several articles on various topics, including The Chinese Silver Hair Phenomenon, Flood Management, Disaster Management, Economic Reform, Industrial Upgrading, and Tourism Development, Ethnic Minority in China, Belt Road Initiative, and People-to-People Relations between Indonesia and China.

You can reach him via email at rudolfyuniarto@gmail.com.

Personal page at the Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=oIFL_9oAAAAJ&hl=en