Daniel Lemus


Daniel Lemus



Daniel Lemus is a professor at Asia Pacific Center, School of Social Science and Government, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico. He imparts the courses “Theory of International Relations,” “Researching International Relations” and “Foreign Policy of the East Asia Region.” He has a bachelor and History, a master degree in Humanities and a Ph.D. in International Transpacific Relations. He has published several articles about International Development Cooperation, Regional Innovation Systems, and Foreign Policy. The research interest of professor Lemus includes the topic of International Cooperation as a tool of Foreign Policy in the cases of East Asia and Latin America under the assumptions of constructivist and another theoretical approach from the reflectivism. At present day, he is studying the relationship between China and Latin America and the possibilities of development in both regions. The current research project of professor Lemus is about how the Belt and Road Initiative can be a fruitful experience to connect China with Latin America under the principles of a win-win relationship.