Evgenia Likhovtseva


Evgenia Likhovtseva



Ms. Evgenia Likhovtseva is a PhD candidate in the School of Education at Trinity College Dublin. She currently investigates how the formation of World-Class University (WCU) policies affects the socio-economic development of BRICS nations. Previously, she worked as a journalist for the leading Russian magazine, Expert. She has published articles on the problems of higher education and development of human capital in Russia. She holds a BA in Philosophy from Saint-Petersburg State University, and an MA in Public Policy from both UC Berkley and the University of Brunei, Darussalam. Evgenia’s research interests include the theory of multiple modernities, cooperation between BRICS nations and different aspects of policy formation occurring at both national and transnational levels. Evgenia also teaches a module on the Philosophy of Education as part of the Professional Master of Education programme at Trinity College Dublin.