Fudan Development Institute (FDDI) is a comprehensive global research organization focusing on China Development Studies. FDDI is characterized by multi-disciplinary studies, motivated by world-class top notch academic practices, empowered by global management and innovative incubation. 

FDDI leverages on Fudan University’s global influence and strong foundations invarious academic fields to attract talents world-wide. As FDDI embraces diversity, a multi-dimensional network links “Fudan-Shanghai China-the world”together, incubating 19 research institutes that strive to promote national development and human welfare by providing China’s best solutions in resolving global issues.

FDDI aims to nurturing academic development, and supporting the construction of “world-class universities” and “first-class disciplines” by advocating inter-disciplinary studies in Regional Development, Ecological Governance, Industrial Economics, Digital Governance and Technology & Innovation. 

FDDI promotes people-to-people exchanges and seeks to expand global network by launching the first Overseas Centre for China Studies, the Fudan-Latin America University Consortium, and the BRICS Universities League. This comprehensive and robust network provides endless opportunities for future collaborations.

With its comprehensive and robust network, FDDI combines domestic and overseas resources to identify opportunities for future collaborations, contributes to the promotion of national development and human progress with acknowledge and expertise accumulated at Fudan, and provides China’s best solutions in resolving global issues.

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