Fudan Fellow Program 2023


Fudan Fellow Program welcomes outstanding scholars from around the world to Shanghai for on-campus academic interaction with the Fudan community. Fudan Fellows are invited to undertake their on-going research in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, technology and engineering, life sciences and medical sciences in Shanghai, China.

The Fudan Fellow Program consists of four categories: Honorary Fudan Scholar, Distinguished Fudan Scholar, Fudan Scholar and Fudan Fellow. The program provides an excellent environment for research in the form of workshops, lectures, seminars, classes, etc. The program provides fellows with opportunities to further their understanding of China and China-related issues, promotes academic communication between Fudan faculty and international scholars, and builds strong partnerships between Fudan University and leading research institutes around the world.


Applicants should be citizens of a foreign country and have a good command of working languages to interact with the Fudan community, where Chinese and English are mostly spoken. Those who have previously been accepted into this program may not apply for the same category again. The program is divided into the following categories:

1. Honorary Fudan Scholar: Applicants who have won the Nobel Prize, Turing Award, Fields Medal, or other similar awards;

2. Distinguished Fudan Scholar: Applicants who are academicians from a country (region) or top scholars with equivalent academic honors, or scholars recommended as having the potential to win the Nobel Prize, Turing Award, Fields Medal and other similar awards.

3. Fudan Scholar: Applicants who are full-time Chair Professors or Full Professors (tenure-track) of higher education and research institutions, and have outstanding scientific research potential;

4. Fudan Fellow: Applicants who are assistant professors or above in higher education or research institutions, or postdoctoral scholarsfrom top universities with outstanding research potential, who are active and innovative thinkers and have an ongoing research project;

5. Applicants with experience working in government or international organizations, well-known enterprises, high-end think tanks or media organizations, with the ability to conduct higher academic communication and scientific and policy research, are recommended to apply for the appropriate category based on their personal circumstances.


1. Schedule:Honorary Fudan Scholars are invited to campus for no less than 1 week. Distinguished Fudan Scholars are invited to campus for no less than 2 weeks. Fudan Scholars and Fudan Fellows are invited to the Fudan campus for 60 days, exceptionally no shorter than 30 days and no longer than 90 days. All are required to visit Fudan University in person.

2. Activities: Every four weeks on campus, fellows are asked to give at least one lecture, either to students or fellow researchers, or to host workshops and seminars.

3. Publications: Fellows are encouraged to publish papers after the visit under the title of Fudan Scholar/Fudan Fellow. A copy of the publication shall be presented to and kept by Fudan University.

Allowances & Services

1. International round-trip airfare allowance: The program provides an airfare allowance of up to RMB 35,000 for each Honorary Fudan Scholar/Distinguished Fudan Scholar/Fudan Scholar and up to RMB 10,000 for each Fudan Fellow, with actual travel expenses. The maximum Economy and Business Class allowances are as follows:


The Maximum Allowance for Economy Class (RMB)

The Maximum Allowance for Business Class (RMB)







North America



South America









2. Stipend:

For Honorary Fudan Scholar: 1600 RMB/day * number of visiting days (pre-tax)

For Distinguished Fudan Scholar: 1600 RMB/day * number of visiting days (pre-tax)

For Fudan Scholar: 1000 RMB/day * number of visiting days (pre-tax)

For Fudan Fellow: 300 RMB/day * number of visiting days (pre-tax)

3. Services:

Designated facilities and offices are provided by the invitation platform or institution during the visit.


All applications must be in English. The application form and the research proposal form are attached below. For different categories of applications:

1. Honorary Fudan Scholar: Application Form and Curriculum vitae;

2. Distinguished Fudan Scholar: Application Form and Curriculum vitae;

3. Fudan Scholar: Application Form, Curriculum vitae, and Research Proposal;

4. Fudan Fellow:Application Form, Curriculum vitae, Research Proposal and 2 Recommendation Letters.

How to apply

The first round of applications in 2023 will be open from March 13 to April 13 to receive applications for May-December 2023. To apply, please send application materials to one of the following email addresses based on your research background. The program committee will conduct a centralized review from April 13 to April 27 and provide feedback on admission results at the end of April.The second round of applications is expected to open in September-October 2023 to receive applications for 2024. If you have any questions, please contact the following email address and phone number based on your research background.

1. Natural sciences, technology and engineering, life sciences and medical sciences:

Email: Ms. Peng, +86-21-65648438

2. Humanities:

Email: Ms. Qian,+86-21-55664196

3. Social Sciences:

Email: Ms. Zhu, +86-21-55664590

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Application Form for 2023 Fudan Fellow Program.xlsx

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