Li Liu

Author: Release date:2021-05-18 10:35:39Source:复旦发展研究院

Li Liu, Assistant Professor

Prof. Li Liu works as an assistant professor at Fudan Development Institute. She has received a bachelor degree of International Politics from Central China Normal University, and the second bachelor degree of business administration from Wuhan University in 2011. She also has a master degree of law from Central China Normal University.  On February 2018, she has earned her PhD from The University of Queensland in Australia. Before joining Fudan Development Institute, she has worked as post-doctoral research fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in Social Sciences at Fudan University. Her research interests include but not limited to agri-food supply chain governance, supply chain responsibility, community sustainability, and rural revitalization. Currently, she has focused on the social justice in the Big Data Era, theoretical examination and case studies on E-agri-food supply chains and social responsibility in agri-food supply chains.