Qin Li

Author: Release date:2020-09-27 14:58:00Source:发展研究院英文

Qin Li, Assistant Professor

Prof. Qin Li, Ph.D., assistant professor of Fudan Development Institute. Her research interests include biodiversity and protected area system, regional development and ecological security. Recently, her research focused on theories and case studies of biodiversity conservation and ecological civilization in the Yangtze River Basin and Yangtze River Delta. She is also the part-time deputy director of Jiangxi province key laboratory of watershed ecology changes and biological diversity, associate Professor of Lushan botanical garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences; deputy secretary general of the watershed ecology committee of Ecological Society of China; committee member of Nature Reserve and Biodiversity Branch of Chinese Society of Forestry; editorial board member of Ci Hai (Biological Sciences Volume) (7th Edition). Dr. Li has presided or participated over 10 provincial research projects, key project of social science planning, government and international cooperation research projects. She has published over 25 academic papers and 2 monographs authored. Monograph series of “Ecological civilization: an inevitable trend of human history development” was awarded the first prize 2015 National City Press Excellent Book Award. She was invited to make academic presentation for many times, review manuscript for academic periodicals, and submitted decision consulting reports which have been adopted by relevant departments.

E-mail: qinli12@fudan.edu.cn