Pro. Wu Xinbo was Invited to Attend the 43th Davos World Economic Forum

Author: Release date:2013-03-11 00:00:00Source:发展研究院英文

January 22-26, 2013, the Vice Dean of Fudan Development Institute, Wu Xinbo, was invited to attend the 43th World Economic Forumheld in Davos, Switzerland. He was also invited to present a keynote speech in the Seminar of Global Environment of Security held on January 23. The host of this seminar was John Chipman, the Master of British Strategy & International Issue Institute. The guest spokesmen invited included Li Guangyao from the National University of Singapore, Ma Kaishuo of the Public Politics Institute, Pro. Wen Zhengren from Korea University,Vali Nasr fromthe Johns Hopkins Universityand Pro.Joseph Nye from the Harvard University. Pro. Wu Xinbo expressed his opinion on the strategic orientationof the new leaderships in China, the establishment of a mutual trust system between China and US as well as America’s present stand concerning the issue of South Sea and East Sea.