Governance | Untangling Industrial Policy: Ideas and Coordination Between State and Business

Author:Moises Balestro and Flavio Gaitán Release date:2022-08-18 16:51:22Source:复旦发展研究院

题目:Untangling Industrial Policy: Ideas and Coordination Between State and Business

作者Moises Balestro and Flavio Gaitán


In comparison to other works on industrial policy, there are three significant contributions. Ideas and Weltanschaaung matter and they have strong implications in the success of industrial policies. By and large, the ideational contestedness over industrial policies or a manufacturing strategy resulted from the absence of a development ideology in the different epistemic communities within the government and the business community. Either in business or government, the political strength of those standing for innovation as a critical component of the state action in the economic development was never strong enough to influence the prevailing Weltanschaaung.


In this sense, by scrutinizing the ideas and policy paradigms both in the government and in the private sector, the book allows us to understand that many of the coordination failures derive from opposing normative and cognitive frames from the different state and business actors.


The purpose is to unveil the dilemmas of the coordination between state and business actors in the industrial strategy between 2003 and 2014. Adopting a manufacturing strategy has been a critical mechanism to promote economic development actively. Untangling industrial policy suggests an unveiling of the relations between business and the state as lessons for the future industrial policies. After the resumption of the debate from industrial development in Brazil as well as in Argentina, the weak results from industrial policies dampened the prospects for a widespread backing of a development strategy.