The Budapest Eurasia Forum 2021

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The Budapest Eurasia Forum 2021 E-Conference is the third event of the Budapest Eurasia Forum conference series, which began its journey in 2019 (Eurasia Forum Pre-Session 2019). After the successful E-Conference 2020, the Forum is returning again in the virtual space, under the title “Sustainable Recovery and Prosperity in Eurasia – Trends, Future, Solutions” with a fully-fledged agenda of a high-level opening ceremony and six thematic panels. The concept of the event reflects the MNB’s efforts towards contributing to the international dialogue and strengthening professional cooperation among various members of the global community.

Located in the heart of Europe, Hungary is well-positioned to serve as an intellectual hub for experts from different countries and support cooperation between Europe and Asia. In line with this, the E-Conference 2021 continues to bring together high-ranking decision-makers, entrepreneurs, business leaders and academics to e-meet in Budapest and share their ideas on the best models of sustainable and digital development. As previously, our speakers represent Europe, China, Singapore, the Republic of Korea, Kazakhstan and other emerging economies – a unique variety of professionals in one of the most important hubs of Central and Eastern Europe.

There are good reasons to believe that the upcoming event will have a considerable impact again and it will attract thousands of people in the audience. This expectation is set by the fact that last year, our E-Conference was followed by more than 2000 viewers, and it helped to further strengthen the international network of the MNB. This result is clearly reflected in the 2021 agenda as this year, the MNB is also launching a volume of studies – a collection of papers by our esteemed partners, putting the “Eurasia” concept into work in the scientific dialogue as well.



Thursday, 18 November 2021.

09:00-10:00  High-level opening panel

10:00-10:10  Coffee break

PANEL 1. FINANCE: The Role of Central Banks in the Wake of the Pandemic – Experiences Across Eurasia

Panel Description

10:10-10:30  Keynote speech

10:30-11:25  Panel discussion

11:25-11:35  Coffee break

PANEL 2. GEOPOLITICS: The New Era of Geopolitics in Eurasia

Panel Description

11:35-11:55  Fireside chat

11:55-12:50  Panel discussion

12:50-13:20  Coffee break


Panel Description

13:20-13:40  Fireside chat

13:40-14:35  Panel discussion

Friday, 19 November 2021.

PANEL 4. ECONOMY: Innovation and Investments in Eurasia: Recent Best Practices

Panel Description

09:00-09:20  Fireside chat

09:20-10:15  Panel discussion

10:15-10:25  Coffee break

PANEL 5. MULTILATERAL COOPERATION: Green Cooperation and Green Multilateralism – sustainable ways to handle global threats

Panel Description

10:25-10:45  Fireside chat 

10:45-11:40  Panel discussion

11:40-11:50  Coffee break

PANEL 6. EDUCATION: New Skills for a Digital Age – The Increasing Role of Digital Literacy

Panel Description

11:50-12:10  Fireside chat  

12:10-13:05  Panel discussion

Further information about the Forum is available on the official website.