《An Insight into the Future: Development, Governance and Security》

作者:FDDI&SHF 发布时间:2021-11-09 来源:中国社会科学出版社+收藏本文




复旦发展研究院、上海论坛组委会 编

Given the short term global economic policy coordination was not accompanied by the resolution of the long term structural deficiencies,both at the national and global level,the global recovery was uneven and fragile.Not only did the world face job losses but severe dislocations and rise in the wave of protectionism and isolationism that perpetuated the underlying fragilities and inequalities.It's no suprise that COVID-19 that forced economic lock downs and social distancing ect,in absence of strong macro fundamentals and lack of progress on structural reforms,resulted in historic global economic contraction with consequent social implications and worsening of inequalities.

We are in the world of change.Building on the recent Shanghai Forum deliberations,it is hoped that future Shanghai Forum will focus on examining the implications of the:

1.Unprecedented fiscal and monetary policy to mitigate the economic and social consequences of the COVID-19;

2.Reflecting on how we build back better and have the international community be better prepared for crisis—economics,pandemics,and climate change;

3.How can global governance and multilateralism service better sustainable development.