Shanghai Research Institute for Energy and Carbon Neutrality Strategy

The Shanghai Research Institute for Energy and Carbon Neutrality Strategy is a collaboration effort launched on November 6, 2021 by Fudan University and Shanghai Development and Reform Commission. Geared towards serving strategic objectives of the nation, the Yangtze River Delta and Shanghai in energy transition and carbon peak and neutrality, the Institute will advance the research on the most important but difficult areas of reform and transformation, as well as the forefront challenges in achieving low-carbon development. Specifically, it will focus on the selection of transformation path to achieve carbon peak and neutrality targets, the optimization of policy-based mechanisms, the prevention and control of transformation risks, the construction of market system, the coordination and collaboration among regions and industries, etc. Through carrying out high-level policy and theoretical research to help national and regional governments more effectively resolve the contradictions between transformation and reform, as well as better serve the national goal of creating a green, low-carbon and circular economy, the Institute aims to build itself into a domestic first-class high-end think tank with international influence.